Dancer Contract for Sudden Spring Show


  1. Expectations for Distance Dances process

Dancers will…

  • Come up with a timeline for posting with their partners

  • Meet all deadlines, including those for the posting process, should be met promptly, as missed deadlines will delay the creation process.

  • Keep my partner informed on my progress, especially if something comes up to cause a late post; dancers should communicate with their collaborators immediately to keep them updated.

  • Communicate respectfully and consistently with partners.

  • Come to rehearsal on time fully prepared and ready to work.

  • Recognize that my process for working may differ from another’s and understand the importance of constructive criticism.

  • Be aware of responsibilities involved in the Distance Dance process and complete personal tasks before offering assistance to others.

  • Ask for help when needed.

  • Guarantee my work is original. Cited work without references will be considered as plagiarism.

     2. Ruth Page Information/Rules

We will abide by the following rules while in the Ruth Page Theater:

  • There will be no food or drink allowed in the theater.

  • No animals allowed in the theater.

  • No nudity in the theater at any time.

  • No open flame, candles, or pyrotechnics allowed in the theater.

  • Smoking is not permitted in the building at any time.

  • No changing the set (no putting holes into the floor), no painting the floor.

  • Keep the backstage, dressing room, and booth areas clean.


We will be responsible for cleaning after the show including the following:

  • Booth must be cleaned

  • Spike/gaff tape removed from floor

  • Sound board returned to original patch

  • Lights returned to rep plot

  • Backstage must be cleaned and mopped

  • Garbage must be cleaned out from:

    • Dressing rooms

    • Booth

    • On and backstage

  • Dressing room and greenroom must be cleaned and swept

  • Do not do damage to structural elements of theater

  • No damage to fabric elements of theater or equipment

  • Take down all posters, decorations, signs


      3. Performance Day Guidelines

Dancers should be aware of the following guidelines regarding performance day and be able to meet the schedule:

  • Arrive to the theater at 9:00 am

  • Tech Rehearsal will begin at 9:30 am; each piece has approximately 20 minutes for tech rehearsal

  • Tech will end at approx. 12:30 pm

  • Group warm-up starts at 12:30 pm, all costumes and makeups have to be done by 1:30 pm

  • House opens at 1:30 pm (1:45 pm should be the latest)

  • Show times at 2:00pm; there will be no intermission

  • Followed by Talk Back

  • After Talk Back, everyone has to stay for cleaning (details see part 2–Ruth Page Information/Rules)


Signed:_______________________________________   Date: _______________________


Printed name:__________________________________

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