Tips on how to make your Distance Dances Phrase

  • Create and film an origin phrase

  • Spend no more than 5-7 minutes on each phrase – don’t think too much, just dance

  • Keep all phrases within :20- :60 seconds

  • After each origin phrase has been created, post the video to

  • Once origins from each person in your group have been posted, each person will make and record a merge of the origin phrases

  • The merge is your reimagining and combining of the origin phrases

  • Post your 1st Merge to the website (FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS BELOW)

  • Label your phrases with your name along with “Origin”, “1st Merge”, “ 2nd Merge”, etc. (Ex: Laura’s Origin Phrase, Laura’s 1st Merge)

  • Post your “not dance” pen pal updates along with each merge

  • You will each then merge the first two merges, post to the website

  • Continue to Merge, Video, Post, and Label your merges until March 31 (Beloit) or April 1 (Grinnell)

  • When you reunite with your partners in Chicago you will begin creating a piece from the merges.  (Note: Do not use your origin phrases in the piece. The origins are just to get things moving and should not be used in the dance.)

  • *There are no restrictions when it comes to putting the piece together** Simply learn the phrases you want to use, discard any you don’t want to use.

  • You are responsible for learning all merges in your groups, not just your own

More Tips

  • MAKE SURE YOU POST YOUR MERGES ONTO YOUR GROUP’S PAGE ONLY AND NO ONE ELSES!!!! If you make a mistake and don’t know how to delete it email susan or gina (emails below) and they will do it for you.
  • When combining the phrases to make a merge, a good way to start is to pick out two or three movements from each phrase and find how they flow together. Add in new movement to connect the phrases as needed.

  • Your phrases can be manipulated – make an adagio or a gestural phrase, speed it up. Play with variation.

  • Review your phrases before reuniting.  You will most likely need to teach or re-teach your phrases

  • The merges do not have to be used in their entirety in your final dance.  You can cut them up, change direction or side, reverse them, do them in unison, never be in unison. These compositional decisions are your choice. Think of it like the game of Telephone.  Things may shift, change, get lost, and that is ok.

  • When it comes time to begin structuring the dance, start by deciding the order of the phrases. This can be as random as pulling the phrases out of a hat to create an order or watching the videos and making a considered layout.

  • When reunited and working together in the studio on your piece, record as you go along so you can see what it looks like and adjust accordingly.

***Feel free to ask us questions at any point in the process***



How to upload videos:

Go to

Login with the following information:


Password: 😉

1. Hover over the person icon in the upper right hand corner and click on “Beloit College dance company.” You will be redirected to the website’s dashboard.

2. In the black bar on the left side of the page, locate the “Pages” tab. Hover over it until the menu expands, click on “All Pages.”

3. Locate your group’s pages and click on edit.

4. Once the page editor loads you can add text or video to the page. Type in the title for your video (ex: Laura’s Origin Phrase or Laura’s 1st Merge.) Press the Return button on your keyboard. Then click “Add Media” on the page editor to upload video.

5. Click on the “Upload Files” tab. You can either drag the video you wish to upload directly into the box or you can click on the “Select Files” button in the middle of the box and locate the video you want to upload.

6. When the video you want to upload is outlined with a blue border and has a blue check in the top right corner, press the blue “Insert into page” button located in the right corner of the box.

7. Wait for the black box on the right side of the screen to no longer say “Processing.” Then press the blue “Insert into page” button in the bottom right hand corner.

8. Your video should appear in the text box as a series of numbers in letters within brackets. Be sure the brackets are below whatever title you have given this video.

9. Click the blue “Update” button on the page editor.

10. Click the “Preview Changes” button on the page editor. A second page will open within the internet browser. Check the page to see that your video is labeled properly, where you want it to be on the page and has no issues being played.

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